Two roads converged

Posted by nate on July 27, 2012

As a race - the human one - we have a long history of separating things.  We classify and compartmentalize.  There are of course lots of good reasons for this since we can only see and do so much at any given moment.  Technology and science depend on logical organization of many small pieces of information to make up a larger useful whole.  So...what am I getting at?  Well, sometimes I think we get the separation wrong.

Take for example the phrase, "It's just business."  In our culture of capitalism, this is an example of how business has been separated from relationship, and in some cases justifies a departure from what is normally considered good character.  This attitude says, "I don't care about you, I just want to take your money any way I can."

So, how does that apply to TechThought?  Well, it applies to the way I try to view life, technology and business.  I hope TechThought is a reflection of that.  So, what will I write about?  I hope to keep the content technology themed, including some good nerdy stuff - industry updates, tech tips, and my latest work and interests - but extend the discussion into how it effects you and me.  I intend to strike the right balance between nerdy Tech and philosophical Thought (TechThought), but if not I guess I'll have to SEPARATE and have a second blog!